Renowned artist Thomas Fluharty joins ‘Paul McCartney In The Beatles’ team!

Thomas Fluharty is an artist as animated as his incredible art. His art is larger than life, and as it happens, he is as large as his fantastic creations.

As an illustrator, Tom’s art has been featured in the New York Times, Time, MAD Magazine, Weekly Standard, Der Spiegel, U.S. News & World Report, the Village Voice, as well as in some great children’s books such as Max Lucado’s The Boy and The Ocean. In 1996 he designed a cover for MAD Magazine. Then the New York Times commissioned five caricatures of Jerry Lewis. “That really started it all,” said Fluharty.


Fluharty’s relationship with Paul McCartney and the Beatles began around the same time as his relationship with Paul McCartney In The Beatles author, Tony Conley. The two met as pre-teens, and grew up next door to one another. They shared a mutual discovery of the Beatles’ White Album, and somewhere there is an old cassette tape of them sing along to “Back In The USSR.”

As life has a way of doing, Fluharty and Conley’s paths split and it was almost 40 years later before they were reunited. Both had went their own way, Fluharty to New York City and Conley to Los Angeles, where they sowed their wild oats, went through the travails as young men will do, then re-emerged decades later to be reunited as wiser and more mature gentlemen. Who still loved the Beatles.

Tony Conley told Mr. Fluharty about the book he was writing on Paul McCartney, and Tom offered his aid and support in the way of imagery to use for the product, including two incredible paintings. The first has been titled, “Old McCartney” which portrays Paul later in the band’s career at the piano with a cuppa, and it has become the face and cover of the book. The second is entitled, “Beatlemania – ‘Oh, the power of Paul”, and Fluharty had the honor of having McCartney both tweet the painting on Twitter, and also featured it on

Having Thomas Fluharty on the Good Mojo Press team could not make us more proud or happy. Yes, we are blessed and thrilled by his friendship and participation!


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